Dental Cap/Crown and Bridge

Dental Cap/Crown and Bridge are the most popular treatments performed in the dentist office. Their main goal is to restore complete chewing function to a tooth or teeth. A cap, often known as a crown, is a dental treatment that replaces the outer layer of enamel with a new material and covers the whole tooth. A cap is shaped and proportioned like a natural tooth, and it comes into normal contact with the opposing tooth, allowing food to be eaten correctly. When it comes to function, a cap should feel similar to a natural tooth. Depending on the crown material, it might even appear to be a totally natural tooth. Crowns can be fabricated out of many different materials, including plastic, various metals, porcelain, or a combination of these.

A tooth needs a crown when it no longer is strong enough to withstand normal chewing function on its own. If a tooth has a large cavity, which has destroyed its enamel and dentin (the core structure of teeth), it will be too weak to hold a filling and chew properly. By removing the cavity, building it back up, and covering it with a crown, the tooth will be able to do its job again. If a tooth already has a large filling that covers more than half of the tooth, the remaining tooth structure is too weak to withstand chewing forces for the rest of the tooth’s lifespan. By covering it with a crown, the tooth is given a better long-term prognosis. A crown is the only option to protect a limited-extension tooth fracture from growing worse. Moreover, any tooth that has had a root canal needs to be covered in a crown to prevent it from cracking.

A bridge is a fixed partial denture that is glued to the teeth, substitutes some of the teeth, and replaces missing teeth with a false tooth or teeth. When there are working teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, a bridge is utilized to replace one or more missing teeth. The adjacent teeth, called retainers, are covered by the bridge in exactly the same manner as a crown covers a single tooth. The difference is that the bridge connects the crowns to a fake tooth replacement in the missing tooth space.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin is a very experienced dental surgeon in dental cap and bridge related treatment. He has used his long experience and research to insert dental cap/crown and bridge according to the condition of the patient. After receiving higher education in Bangladesh and abroad, Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin is treating patients in the Bangladesh. If you face in difficulties regarding your teeth seek the help of an experienced dentist without delay.

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