Cleft lip and Palate operation in Bangladesh

Cleft lip and cleft palate is a congenital physical defect. Many babies are born with cleft lip and palate. If there is any visible structural defect in the upper part of the lips and the inner palate of the mouth, it is called cleft lip and palate. This type of problem starts to appear after birth when the fetal shape of the fetus is incompletely formed. On average, one out of every 800 children in the world is born with these problems. As a result, 540 babies are born every day, more than one lakh 96 thousand 100 babies are born every year with cleft lip and cleft palate.

If not treated in time, the child may suffer from various problems as he/she grows up and this problem will increase day by day. Such as – not being able to eat properly, food rises in the nose while eating, bronchitis is frequent, children suffer from malnutrition, hearing problems and decreased physical and mental growth of the child. As a result, the child becomes mentally disturbed. When he/she finally learns to speak, he/she learns to speak by pulling his/her nose. If the cuticle extends to the upper gums then dental problems also occur. Cleft lip and cleft palate can cause problems in speaking or pronouncing words.

Such congenital defects can be easily corrected by surgery in a modern way. The main goal of the cleft lip and cleft palate is to eliminate any problems with the normal shape of the baby’s face, breathing, eating, talking and hearing. Patients can get rid of this problem for life by surgery using the right method. Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin is a very experienced surgeon in lip and palate surgery. He has used his long experience and research to make the lives of many children beautiful and normal by operating on lip and palate problems with great efficiency. After receiving higher education in Bangladesh and abroad, Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin is treating patients in the Bangladesh. If your child is born with cleft lip and palate problems, seek help from a specialist surgeon without panic or confusion to make sure that your child grows up healthy and beautiful

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