Tooth Polishing

Tooth polishing is a dental technique that is used to keep teeth in good shape. Teeth appear whiter, stain-free, and gleaming as a result of this treatment. This surgery promotes oral health while also improving the appearance of the teeth. Tooth polishing was once considered a standard element of dental prophylaxis. However, it was quickly discovered that overusing this procedure erodes the outermost layer of the tooth structure. Teeth that have lost their outer structure are more susceptible to stains and plaque collection. The protective fluoride coating that surrounds the teeth is also removed with repeated usage of this treatment.

Dentists no longer advocate tooth polishing as a normal dental procedure, and cases are carefully selected before this procedure. Tooth polishing is a process that polishes the teeth while also removing dental stains, plaque, and bacteria that have accumulated on the teeth’s outer surface. The main benefit of tooth polishing over tooth scaling (deep tooth cleaning) is that it is a painless process. In addition, patients immediately notice that their teeth are clean and smooth following the process.

Both manual and engine-driven tooth polishing tools are available. Dentists utilize manual polishers to polish the tooth surface manually with their hands, whereas engine-driven polishing tools require hand pieces. Polishing teeth is usually done with the use of a mechanical device and a polishing substance. To reduce abrasion on the tooth surface, proper technique should be used during the operation. When polishing the teeth, use a less abrasive polishing chemical. The dentist should keep a close eye on the pressure, speed of the polishing instrument, and duration of the process.

To maintain dental health, tooth polishing should be done on a regular basis by a qualified dentist.

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