Oral Cancer Surgeon in Bangladesh – Professor Dr. Nasir Uddin

 Oral Cancer Surgeon in Bangladesh

When we hear the word cancer, we are scared and it seems that it is a disease which will definitely cause death. Despite the vast advances in medical science, many misinformation and rumors create confusion among us about this disease and make us reluctant to recover quickly with the right treatment. With the help of modern medical science, cancer is curable in many cases. All that is required is proper treatment and recourse to an experienced surgeon/physician.

One of the most deadly cancers nowadays is called oral cancer. It is known as the sixth most common cancer in the world. If the cancer is detected at an early stage and treatment is started without delay, it is possible to cure the patient completely. In many cases the cancer starts with a sore of the mouth which can turn into cancer without treatment. Sudden swelling of the inside of the mouth, red or white sores, sudden eruption of teeth, severe pain in the mouth, pain in the tongue or difficulty in swallowing or chewing food – if any of these symptoms occur and last for more than two weeks you should seek the help of an oral cancer surgeon without delay. It is very important to diagnose and treat oral cancer at an early stage.

This is because if the disease is not detected at an early stage, the cancer will gradually spread to other parts of the body and treatment becomes very difficult. If the disease is identified at an early stage, it is possible to cure 90% of the patients completely. Oral cancer is usually treated in stages through surgery, with or without radiotherapy. Sometimes chemotherapy is also needed.

Professor Dr. Nasir Uddin, a renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is involved with oral cancer surgery for a long period of time. He is highly experienced in oral cancer surgery and facial reconstruction by local, distant and free flap. He is constantly researching oral cancer with advanced studies and training at home and abroad and committed to ensure international standard treatment of oral cancer. In case of any of the above symptoms, seek immediate medical attention and ensure a healthy and normal life.

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