Facial Trauma Treatment in Bangladesh

Road accidents are a major concern at present. Many people are losing their lives prematurely due to road accidents and many others have been suffering from various complications for a long time. Since the bones of the mouth are in front, the bones of the face are most prone to get injured in road accidents. If the bones of the mouth are severely injured, the bones may break at times. From the eyes to the forehead, nose, lower jaw, upper jaw bones can be broken in an accident. Not only road accidents, but also many other causes can cause injuries to the bones of the face. Even children often get injured in the bones of face during playing.

Facial Trauma often requires quick surgery to treat. Failure to ensure proper treatment very quickly can lead to osteoporosis, infections and even complications in the brain. With the right treatment at the right time and in the right way, it is possible to make the bones of the mouth as before. A maxillofacial surgeon can ensure proper medical care for such patients. Only a maxillofacial surgeon has an accurate idea of ​​the teeth and the bones of the mouth. Inadequate treatment of the oral cavity in conjunction with the teeth does not lead to complete healing and may have long-term negative effects in the future. The patient may even have difficulty while eating and may have joint pain as well.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin is one of the renowned Maxillofacial Surgeons of Bangladesh who has been treating patients with broken bones or injuries to the bones of the mouth for a long time. The simple treatment of such patients has gained a good reputation in the country and abroad and now he is treating patients in a regular basis. His extensive research into the treatment of oral bones in men and women of any age has helped many patients to lead healthy and beautiful lives. Seek the help of an experienced maxillofacial surgeon without delay if you have problems with a bone injury to the face.

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