Dental Implant Surgeon In Bangladesh

Teeth are an organ of the human body whose well-being involves the well-being of other parts of the body. Many people have to suffer with these teeth. Many people lose their teeth completely due to various reasons. Many people break their halves in an accident and many people lose their teeth due to various complications. As a result, foods cannot be chewed, nor is the pleasure of eating found. Teeth can also fall out due to old age. Removable prosthesis is one of the most popular methods of treating tooth loss. This is done by placing the teeth on the plate and replacing them in the mouth. Putting another object in the mouth is quite uncomfortable for anyone. It also has to take a lot of care. This was the traditional method. The fixed prosthodontics method was discovered after this method. In this method, the fallen tooth was attached to the side tooth. This method required to build a dental bridge. The problem with this was that the side teeth were cut and the dental bridge was made there. It was necessary to cut the two good teeth on the side.

Dental implants are one of the most successful and modern medical procedures in the world today. In this method, an artificial tooth is replaced in the place where the tooth fell out without injuring the side teeth. There is no need to injure the side teeth here. This technique involves inserting a screw-like substance into the jaw bone, which acts as the root of the tooth. The screw-like object is made of titanium. The special property of titanium is that it can grow bones. After two-three months in the jaw bone, the bone gets stuck in the groove of the metal screw. As a result, it can no longer come out. Tightly attached to the jaw bone. Then a crown or cap is attached to this screw. Although it is an artificial tooth, it works just like a congenital tooth. This is a very good and hassle-free method of treating such problems.

Prof. Dr. Nasir Uddin has been treating the teeth of many patients through dental implant system for a long time. One of the pioneers of dental implant system in Bangladesh, he has been conducting research on dental implants in the country and abroad for a long time and has been providing modern treatment at comparatively low cost. If you experience any of the above problems with your teeth, consult a Dental Implant Specialist surgeon without delay.

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